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About Briahanna Sanborn

Briahanna Sanborn was born and raised in southern California till her mother relocated her and her sister to northern California in her first year of high school. She was always keeping herself entertained as a young girl with anything that she could get her hands on. Briahanna would create things out of nothing and give something meaning and a bit of life. She is a very colorful person and has been inspired by the little things in life. Ms. Sanborn believes in magic, mermaids and fairies with the hope to bring imagination back to reality. Being inspired by so many in her life Briahanna stays true to her style and gives much of the credit for her artistic ability to the artists before her. Briahanna is now living in Torrance California down the street from her childhood home and making it a point to share her imagination with the world. If this artist isn’t hiding on the cliffs of the coast line, somewhere Briahanna is creating a masterpiece to showcase to the world...

Torrance, Ca